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About Us

We, the Christian Nursery School of Christ Lutheran Church, are here to love, teach and nourish the children.  We provide a pressure-free environment for the children to love and enjoy their first school experiences.  Our atmosphere gives a sense of warmth and caring.  The staff interacts with the parents in an open and caring way that places the needs of the children first. 

The Christian Nursery School of Christ Lutheran Church admits students of any race, color, nationality or ethnic origin. It does not discriminate against any student and they will have all the rights and privileges to the programs and activities available to all the students at the school.

Our Staff is First Aid and CPR certified.

Our School is locked at all times.  See the Re-opening Plan for more information on the procedures for a clean and safe environment for the safety of our staff and the students.  


The Christian Nursery School of Christ Lutheran Church, Wantagh, N.Y. was established in 1953.  The school started with one small room and a class full of children from our congregation.  The school was created to provide a quality Christian-based Nursery School for the families of Christ Lutheran Church.  As years went on, word of the school spread throughout the community.  The school was then opened to the public and grew even larger in attendance.  With this growth, another classroom was opened and the Christian Nursery School was moved to the education building known as Steinbicker Hall on Island Road.

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